There are various ways for you to prepare for the season, whether you’re a beginner or experienced rower. If you’re interested in joining QMULBC, you should consider acquiring an exercise routine to prepare for the cardiovascular and strength-based challenges the sport presents to every rower. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend you train three areas prior to season-start: Cardio, ergs and strength. The following is a sample workout plan, for your reference:

Cardio (twice a week):
Stick to long distance to build up endurance. Depending on your level of fitness, we recommend anything between 4-12 km medium intensity runs.

Ergs (twice a week):
Try for one high intensity-short distance erg of either 2k km or intervals of 8×500 m (attempt to keep your ‘splits’ constant for every interval) and one long distance of 5-8 km, depending on level.

Strength (twice a week):
A rower’s focus is primarily on the legs, core and back. If you want to be off to a good start, we recommend you create a programme with focus on strengthening primarily your thighs, hamstrings, calves, core, lats and shoulders. If you do not have access to a gym, doing circuits is an excellent way of staying in shape.

Please note that this should be seen as a general guide for anyone looking to do some pre-season training. If you’re interested in a more tailored program, feel free to contact the President (details can be found on our committee page).

If you’re considering joining us, please do not hesitate getting in touch with the Men’s Captain, Neil Patel or Women’s Captain, Lucia Harrington.


General Training

Although training times and format vary according to which crew you’re placed in (novice, intermediate, senior), the general training plan consists of a mix of strength and endurance training on land (S&C and ergs) and water outings, at the following times:

Monday: Strength and Conditioning (gym)

Tuesday: Erg

Wednesday: Single session on water (2-5 pm)

Thursday: Strength and Conditioning (gym)

Saturday: Double session on water (8-12pm)